solo canoeing course

Intro to Whitewater Solo Playboating

Price: $299 + GST

Dates: May 17,18,20,24; June 15,16,18,21

Are you ready to start the exciting word of Solo Whitewater Canoeing? This course is taught in fully outfitted solo whitewater canoes designed for turning and playing in whitewater. You will learn how to carve with your canoe using the 2 x 4 method. Eddy turns, front ferries, surfing, playing, equipment, paddle strokes and safety are all covered. All equipment including outfitted solo canoe included.

Course runs 3 evenings  6-9:30pm  Whitehorse area & full day on Takhini River 9am to 5pm

Solo Paddling

Learning to paddle a canoe solo is a liberating experience. Catch the eddies and surf the waves you want. You alone make your canoe respond to where you want it to go. Solo playboat is freedom on the water. Solo canoeing will make you a better paddler all around and translate into tandem canoeing.

We have a wide range of solo canoes for you to try out.

solo playboating
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