solo playboating

Intermediate/Advanced Whitewater Solo Playboating

Price: $650 + GST

Dates: July 6,7,8,9 full days | Custom Dates Available

Are you wanting to push your  Solo Whitewater Canoeing skills?  This course is taught in fully outfitted solo whitewater canoes designed for turning and playing in whitewater. Your solo skill and confidence will grow.  Taught will be on Yukon’s premier Canoe Instructing River – the Lapie River.  We base camp for 4 days and run various sections of the Lapie, Ketza and Ross Rivers.  We provide learning challenges appropriate for your skill level. Practicing hard moves on easier water prepares you for making your moves on more challenging whitewater.

Group may be a mix of intermediate/advanced paddlers that we offer individual challenge for each student.

We utilize video analysis of your paddling  and review video in the comfort of our  portable classroom.

$40 discount if you bring your own outfitted solo canoe


Skills refined, practiced and learned

  • Carving and linking Eddy turns
  • 2 x4 method of using Positive strokes over friction strokes
  • Developing power to get to where you need
  • Dynamic Jet Ferries
  • Front, side and back surfing
  • Boofing- the skill of going over rocks or obstacles
  • Running Drops
  • High& low  braces and Save-your-Ass Pry
  • Rolling
  • Self Rescues
  • 1:5 Instructor Student Ratio (max)
  • Variety of solo canoes provided.
  • Drysuits mandatory. We have them available for rent 
solo playboating

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