General FAQ

You can expect an enjoyable, safe and supportive learning environment. We want you to learn from the level you are at. We do not pressure you into whitewater. We try to keep class sizes small so we can provide a lot of attention to our students. Days are full.
We believe in getting you into the right course, at the time and in the right place. You do not need previous experience to get started and we will talk with you before signing up to make sure you are in the right program. If you have not taken any previous canoe instruction we recommend you start with our Intro to Moving Water program as we like to build good fundamental skills that you will use in all your paddling. We will make sure you are learning in all classes based on your level.
We provide all paddle equipment, canoes, pfds, helmets, wetsuits, paddle jackets. We do not provide footwear but we do rent booties. Old running shoes you do not mind getting wet are ideal. Cheap running shoes from Wal-Mart are also great- buy 1 size larger than normal. We also rent dry suits if you prefer that option to wetsuits. Drysuits keep you warm & dry, much more comfortable to wear all day. Wetsuits keep you warm but you are wet, not as comfortable as drysuits. We also provide a waterproof storage barrel to keep your lunch and spare clothes dry.
We do not provide food. You will need lunches on day trips.
We encourage carpooling to the meeting places and the class shares with getting to the put in and the shuttle at the end of the day.
Fear of water is a real fear that we take serious. Talk to us about your fears and we can help you to overcome them. We do not push people into things they are not comfortable with. We do not want you to have a bad experience and never get in a canoe again. We want you to succeed and come back for more courses.
Yes. We will pair you up on the course and during courses we often switch partners and positions around. Even when you come with a partner we may change things up to make sure both participants are learning.
No we encourage participants to paddle in both bow and stern. If you want to learn one position per course we can work with that also.
No, however we strongly encourage getting comfortable in the water. The more comfortable you can be in the water the more relaxed you can be on the water. We provide thermal protection from the cold water and a safe environment for you.
We encourage capsizing in controlled environments so you can learn the limits of your canoe. We will teach you recovery methods both group and self recovery. We like to use the word recovery over rescue. For our whitewater courses you can expect to go for a swim or 2.We have a saying in our whitewater courses- If you aint swimin you aint learning. We help you find the balance.


CBoats.net is the world's most popular on-line community of open and decked whitewater canoeists. There is a lot of information available on this site; the virtual whitewater canoe museum "See Boats", outfitting, repair, gear information, and video, not to mention the globally popular CForum.

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