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Solo Canoe Courses

Solo Flatwater
 $99 + GST
Learning to paddle a canoe solo is a liberating experience. This course will teach you the fundamentals of paddling a regular full size tandem canoe- solo. Learn paddle techniques, adaptations to equipment, safety, environmental challenges and how to control your canoe all alone.
Course is held over 2 evenings 6:30 to 10 pm on a local lake. Mary Lake, Ear Lake, Chadburn Lake or Scwatka Lake. exact location will be determined just before the course. All equipment provided. 
 Available on demand   
Intro to Moving Water Solo
 $245 + GST
This course is designed to provide you will the skills to solo a regular tandem canoe on moving water such as found on Yukon, Teslin or Takhini Rivers. Perfect for those that want to solo the Yukon river. We will cover front ferries, eddy turns, landing  your canoe, reading the river, equipment, paddle strokes, safety and much more. You will learn how your canoe responds to you and how you are in control.Course runs Thursday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Location will be determined.
 Available on demand       
Intro to Whitewater Solo Playboating
 $275 + GST
Are you ready to start the exciting word of Solo Whitewater Canoeing? This course is taught in fully outfitted solo whitewater canoes designed for turning and playing in whitewater. You will learn how to carve with your canoe using the 2 x 4 method. Eddy turns, front ferries, surfing, playing, equipment, paddle strokes and safety are all covered. All equipment including outfitted solo canoe included. Course runs Thursday evening all day Saturday & Sunday
Dates: May 25,27,28
Custom dates and courses available.

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