Richard Malvasio

Richard Malvasio Tyers River
Richard scouting canyon on Tyers River

Richard (Reechard) has been part of the Yukan Canoe team since the beginning in 1999. He is a passionate paddler & instructor. He has been an integral part of the success of Yukan Canoe and has shared his passion for paddling with hundreds of students.

I’ve always thought canoeing was a very neat way to travel. After my first canoeing experience at summer camp in Quebec at the age of 19, I became  involved in canoe tripping and whitewater canoeing. Since then I have not really stopped sharing this beautiful activity. I had the opportunity to be part of  various organizations such as Laval University Outdoor Club, Outward Bound in Northern Ontario. I taught and guided for University of Calgary outdoor club. During my years in Calgary I raced Slalom C1 & C2 on the Kananaskis river. I first certified as a moving water course conductor in 1986.

In 1991, I moved to the Yukon and realized that Yukoner’s wanted a good canoe school so I started an outdoor Company called Otter Wilderness School based mainly on Canoeing with the motto ‘Playing in the Wild’. This is when I had the chance to meet Trevor Braun now operating Yukan Canoe since 1997 . He showed me the area and I learned about many of our great rivers. Personally and for various companies I have guided river trips such as the the Wind, the Bonnet Plume, the Snake, the Mountain and a few more.

I enjoy sharing my love of canoeing through teaching to anyone interested. Looking forward to meeting you.