Pelly Vincent-Braun

lapie river extravaganza
Pelly surfing at Club Merganser

Hey I’m Pelly and I’ve been a paddler for my entire life and have been an instructor at Yukan Canoe for

almost a decade. I was introduced to canoeing by my parents as a baby I haven’t stopped since! I’m a canoeist at heart but I can also paddle river kayaks, pack rafts, and sea kayaks – my current favorite boat is a Millbrook 2020. I was born and raised in the Yukon and have done some of my favourite paddling here, the Lapie River is my personal favourite. I love paddling because it can be so many different things: relaxing, exciting, and more.

Pelly was a member of Canada’s Junior Slalom Kayak team paddling in C-1. He attended 2 Junior World Championship and was several time Canadian Junior C-2 National Champion. He is named after the Pelly River – a major Yukon river. Pelly’s day job is  Welder/fabricator who enjoys creating.