Yukon's Paddle Instruction Experts




are passionate paddlers
who enjoy sharing their love of the water with others.

They hold certification from Paddle Canada and have extensive First Aid training as well as Swift Water Rescue.
Trevor Braun
Trevor has paddled extensively throughout the Yukon logging more than 25,000 km of wilderness journeys.
Trevor holds the following certifications from Paddle Canada- Lakewater  Instructor Trainer, Moving Water Level 2 Instructor Trainer, Canoe Tripping Level 2 Instructor. Swift Water Rescue Instructor, Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training.
Trevor thrives on helping others to connect with the water, feeling safe and confident. He has a laid back style and is very adaptable to your learning style and level.
Trevor grew up in Faro, Yukon and could have been born in a boat. He got hooked on canoes at a young age and been addicted ever since. In high school a teacher introduced him to the Lapie River and he has become the expert on the Lapie.
The winter finds Trevor enjoy the land with sled dogs, guiding tours, an occasional race or spending time on the trapline or more recently paddling in a warm exotic location such as Mexico or Costa Rica.
He has 2 children Pelly (17) and Nora (15) who also share his love of paddling and the outdoors and you may find them assisting on a course. His wife Jane Wightman is integral part of Yukan Canoe.
 David Gendron

David is a passionate and dedicated paddle and canoe Instructor. Canoeing has been part of his Yukon Summer lifestyle for the past 17 years.  A decade ago, he decided to improve his skills in both tandem and solo and enrolled in with Yukan Canoe.  

He was a quick learner and was soon hooked  on paddling. He loves to share his paddling passion with others. David had a strong back ground coaching with the Yukon ski team and soon progressed to be an assistant instructor for Yukan Canoe.

He has soon became one of busiest instructors. His passion for paddling is very contagious. If you bump into David on the street or a local coffee shop, conversation will soon turn into a Paddling conversation,  wether it is about your last trip, your next trip, rivers, new canoes, paddles or other paddling gear it will be about paddling.

David is a very talented wood worker and when not busy teaching paddling you will find him in his workshop manufacturing beautiful wood paddles with his business Au Nord du Nord Woodwork. He also manufactures custom made furniture and other artisan pieces.

Canoeing is part of his family lifestyle, along with his partner Karine they have been  exploring different rivers almost every summer with their 6 year old daughter, Sophie.  

My goal is to share my skills so that you become confident in your abilities! We are proud to have David part of our team as he is always there when we need him.

Karine Belanger

Karine’s day job is a French immersion science teacher at FHC Secondary School and FACES 10(Outdoor Education) teacher at Wood St. School. She is a passionate teacher that brings her teaching and canoe passion to instruct with Yukan Canoe.  

Canoeing has become part of my Summer lifestyle as a teacher 14 years ago.  Every year, she has invested more time and energy into developing her skills, many times with the Yukan Canoe team. Karine is now part of the team to give back what she has learned and pass along her confidence, abilities and love of canoeing she has gained. Canoeing is a huge part o her family activity every summer. She shares her canoe passion with her partner David and daughter Sophie. If you paddle in the Yukon you will meet them in an Eddy. 

Karine has been instrumental in developing Yukan Canoe’s French Speak Women Only Canoe Courses. We are very proud to have Karine as part of our team.

Richard Mavasio

Canoeing is part of my life, sometimes I do it to get home, sometimes alone to reach peaceful areas and sometimes I do it for play.  I really enjoy sharing my love of canoeing in all water conditions.  Mirror calm lakes to grade 3 rapids both bring out a big smile on my face when I see others enjoying through our scheduled activities.

I started to teach canoeing at my first summer camp job and have never stopped since.  Trevor B. and I have been working happily together for the past 17 years. I always look forward to meeting new people and making new friends on our Yukon Lakes and Rivers.



Joshua Robinson
Josh is a Paddle Canada certified moving water instructor and has been teaching flatwater and whitwater tandem paddling for 15 years.
Josh is a father and husband who promotes and encourages paddling (at any level) as a life long family/individual activity.
Josh has a background in canoe tripping with a love of solo and tandem surfing and hopes to foster and contribute to a growing canoe and kayak (emphasis on canoe)community.


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