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We have a wide range of canoes in our fleet from a variety of manufactures.  The canoes are outfitted for learning and performing. Canoes are equipped with extra floatation, dry storage container, knee pads for comfort, thigh straps, bailers, end ropes and throw bag.
Having a properly outfitted canoe allows you to focus on learning and not sliding around in the bottom of your boat. We are always tweaking our outfitting systems to make them more user friendly. If you are in the market to buy a canoe this gives you an opportunity to try different canoes.  We assist you in deciding which canoe will work best for you and the situation.

The function of the various outfitting:
v  Floatation- air bags, Styrofoam or secured barrels displace water and float your canoe high in the event of a capsize. This protects you and your canoe and makes recovery much easier.
v  Knee Pads- encourage you to kneel, lowering your center of gravity, encourage good posture, and grip your knees so they stay in place and not slide around- give you better control of your boat.
v  Thigh Straps- straps that go over the bottom of your thigh when kneeling. Allow you to wear your canoe and make your canoe perform. When installed correctly and safe to use. We encourage their use in whitewater, but use is also optional if you are not comfortable with using them
v  Dry storage container- keeps your day items dry and secure in the canoe. Some canoes are equipped with floatation covers that have incorporated zipper pockets
v  Bailers- great for water fights (when it is hot) or removing water from the bottom of your canoe
v  End ropes or painters- used to tie canoe to shore, vehicles and also used in self- recovery methods and rescues. We teach you how to secure them in the canoe.
v  Throw bag- required by law, and used in shore based rescues
Some of our canoes may not be the prettiest out there but they work well and they allow you to learn without worrying about and fender benders along the way.  This helps everyone stay relaxed also keeps the prices down. We encourage people to learn with our canoes, drive them like a rental and not to worry about any damage. At the same time we do not encourage boat abuse. Canoes do get damaged on courses and we are experts at keeping them floating. Replacing canoes each year or every other year has not made economic sense. Our fleet is on par with other major canoe schools across Canada.
Having a wide range of canoes gives you choice to try out different shapes, lengths and materials. We have canoes made from plastic and from composite fiberglass.  Different design shapes perform a function on the water. Some are faster, some are drier, and some more stable, some turn quicker and so on. Over the course you can try different canoes to see the difference.

Tandem Canoes                                      Solo Canoes

Dagger- Legend
Clipper- Viper 12
               Probe 12
Hellman – Slocan
Mohawk- Viper 11
Old Town- Tripper
Dagger-  Impulse
Nova Craft-  16 Prospector
                     17 Prospector
Esquif- Taureau
Clipper-      Merganser


We provide standard rental paddles- plastic blades and aluminum shaft covered with plastic. We have a few Werner Whitewater paddles in the pile as well. We paint one side of our paddles red to distinguish power faces. In the event of a swim and lose a paddle each student gets granted one free paddle. Meaning if we don’t recover you paddle first one is on us, Second one we ask you to replace.  We also have a few demo paddles from Echo.

Throw Bags and Outfitting
Many are locally produced from AlpenGlow Designs.  Some are produced from NorthWater or Beluga.
Thanks to Raven Recycling for Tide, Bleach or similar bottles, custom cut locally
Personal Floatation Device
We provide a wide range of pfds in several styles. We have some pullover and some zip up styles. All designed to keep you afloat and provide for maneuverability for swimming and comfort.
Standard Farmer John or Jane in various sizes and colors.  We wash and disinfect after every course. Some people prefer to wear a set of long underwear underneath.  Designed to be snug.  Provides thermal protection in the event of a swim. Provided as part of every course.
Paddle Jackets
A waterproof jacket to provide protection from splashes, rain and wind. Sized to allow effective movement.
Dry Suits
We have dry suits for rent for the courses from Kokatat.  Dry suits keep you totally dry and dry socks attached.  Warmth comes from whatever you are wearing underneath. At this time we are unable to provide them as standard equipment on courses as they cost 3 -4 times as much as wetsuits. We recommend them for Whitewater courses as it allows you to play harder and to be in the water much more comfortably.
We provide helmets from Predator and an assortment of others to provide head protection
We have booties for rent for $10 per course. Booties provide warmth when wet, flexibility and toe protection. We require people wear closed toe foot wear to protect your toes. Some courses especially early season courses, rubber boots are acceptable, providing you understand the implications of their use.  The water is cold and keeping feet warm and dry is an issue.


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